Visa application / entry requirements: Thailand



all German States, independent of residence

No visa required for German citizens who travel als tourists for a max. stay of 45 days.

Since 22.11.2021 it will only be possible to apply for an electronic visa online. It is no longer possible to apply for the visa through the embassy/consulates.

The application needs to be done through the following website:   


  • passport
    coloured copy of page with personal data, at least valid for 6 months after journey

  • passport picture
    coloured, biometric, not older than 6 months, photo requirements

  • declaration form
    download here

  • proof of travelled countries
    e.g. copy of complete passport or use this form

  • proof of residence
    e.g. copy of ID card or current registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung)

  • foreign health insurance
    minimum cover amount 50.000 USD


    additional to minimum requirements above

    • financial evidence
      e.g. bank statement or proof of salary

    • proof of entry and exit
      e.g. confirmation of flight, bus or train

    • proof of accommodation
      reservation of hotel or invitation and ID from host showing all names of travelers

    for multiple entries, additional:

    • proof of at least one exit and reentry to Thailand
      e.g. flight, bus or train ticket, hotel booking or visa for bordering countries

    • booking confirmation 
      of at least one hotel in Thailand

    • NEW: travel plan
      list of all accommodations, use this form

    • proof of asstets
      e.g. bank statement with minimum 5.000 € per planned entry to Thailand

      MORE INFORMATION on other visa categories and the required documents: click here
      in connection to COVID-19 please see this requirements for a OA visa:
      click here


    additional to minimum requirements above

    Please pay attention to these requirements in connection to COVID-19: click here

    • company letter
      from employer in Germany (sample), with: 
      - declaration of exact position/occupation of applicant in the company and
      - activity description while in Thailand

    • letter of invitation
      from company in Thailand with copy of ID card from person who signed the letter
      if multiple entries are requested with:
      - complete itinerary 
      - or all (future) flight confirmations

    • certificate of incorporation
      from Company in Thailand

    • registration from company in Thailand
      by the Department of Business Development,
      stamped on each side by the company and signed by the Managing Diretor

Further documents may be required, which will only be displayed during the application process.

How you can apply for an E-Visa via SERVISUM is shown in the black box on the right. 

about 5 to 7 working days (depending on volume of travellers)

Website of the embassy:

Please attach the SERVISUM-Order Form to your assignment for regular visa.

You'll need the Adobe Reader to display PDF files. You can download the latest Version here.


We will be happy to obtain an E-Visa for Thailand for you.

Please fill in the E-Visa Application Form linked below and send it to us by e-mail together with the following documents:

  • scan of your passport
    coloured, page with personal data
  • passport picture
    coloured, biometric, photo requirements
  • signed declaration forms
    attached to the application form
  • proof of residence
    e.g. copy of ID card or registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung)
  • picture/selfie
    holding the first page (with biometric information) of your passport close to your face

  • booking confirmation
    of flight and hotel

  • letter of invitation
    from company in Thailand with copy of ID card from person who signed the letter
  • business registration certificate
    or Certificate of Incorporation of company in Thailand
  • declaration letter
    of company in Germany

fees per person:
tourist (single): 35,00 €
+ 90,00 € (SERVISUM fee, plus VAT)
plus administration fee (4,50 €, incl. VAT, per order)

handling time:
about one week

E-Visa Application Form

Please attach this SERVISUM-Order Form to your assignment. Not required for E-Visa.

You can place an order for the pre-check and/or the pick-up of your documents via using the visafinder.