Visa application / entry requirements: Indonesia

German citizens (and 74 other nationalities) receive a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 30 days as tourists and for business (Meetings, sign contracts, selling goods) purposes. This can be appied in advance or on arrival at specific entry points.

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry. A Visa on Arrival is not possible with a temporary passport! See: 


E-VISA and Visa on Arrival


Germans and other nationalities are entitled to apply online for an e-visa (electronic visa) if they wish to stay in Indonesia for longer than 30 days. This entitles you to a stay of up to 60 days. It is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and is issued for a single entry.

You can also apply for a visa on arrival in advance. This entitles you to a stay of up to 30 days and is valid for a single entry for 90 days from the date of issue.

How you can apply for an E-Visa or Visa on Arrival via SERVISUM is shown in the black box on the right.


  • passport
    double page with personal data, at least valid for 6 months after journey

  • passport Picture
    biometric sample

  • proof of entry and exit
    flight reservation


         additional to minimum requirements above

    • personal bank statement for the last 3 months with a min. balance of USD 2,000


    additional to minimum requirements above

    • letter of invitation 
      from company in Indonesia


Under certain circumstances and depending on the visa category, further documents may be required, which will only be displayed during the application process.



For entry into Indonesia for business purposes (e. g. Installers and technicians), a visit visa type B211A (business visa) must be applied for in advance. The application for a business visa is made by the Indonesian sponsor directly to the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration at the following online portal:

The sponsor for a business visa must be a registered entrepreneur(s) in Indonesia, e.g. a business partner. Your sponsor can provide you with information on the process and documents required.

The visa is sent as an e-visa (PDF document with QR code) via email, which entitles you to enter Indonesia directly within 90 days. The visa is valid for a stay of max. 60 days, but can be extended for 2 x 60 days to a total of 180 days without leaving the country in the meantime for an additional fee.

about 4 to 7 after fee payment

Website of the embassy:

Please attach the SERVISUM-Order Form to your assignment for regular visa.

You'll need the Adobe Reader to display PDF files. You can download the latest Version here.


We would be happy to obtain an e-visa for Indonesia for you.

Fill out the e-visa form linked below and send it to us by e-mail together with the following documents:

  • Scan of your passport
    coloured, first double page with personal data
  • Passport picture
    coloured, biometric, not older than 6 months sample
  • Flight booking confirmation

    For Tourist Visa with duration of stay of 60 days:
  • Personal bank statement for the last 3 months with a min. balance USD 2000

    For Business with duration of stay of 60 days:
  • Invitation from a company in Indonesia

    Depending on the reason for travelling, further documents may be required.

Fees per person:
500,000 IDR (approx. 30.00 €) to 2,000,000 IDR (approx. 120.00 €) Visa fee, depending on visa type
+ 60,00 € (SERVISUM fee, plus VAT)
plus administration fee (4,50 €, incl. VAT, per order)

Processing time: 
approx. one week

E-Visa Application Form