Can visa applications for foreign citizens also be submitted here in Germany?

As a rule, visas for foreigners can be issued in Germany if they have their permanent residence here. A German residence status certificate is required as proof.

How can I send documents to you?

Since the application documents you submit to us usually include at least a passport or other documents that are difficult to obtain, you should choose registered mail when using the postal service. The PostExpress service, which you can also obtain at your post office, is faster and guarantees delivery on the next business day. Alternatively, you can also obtain overnight service with a courier company (including UPS, TNT, and DHL). We recommend the General Overnight (0800/859 99 99) courier service. You can also drop the documents off in person or send them with a personal courier during our regular business hours.

To which SERVISUM location should I send my documents?

Since many embassies have divided the federal republic into consular districts, jurisdiction depends on the federal state in which the applicant resides. In case of doubt, please obtain jurisdiction information per telephone from SERVISUM to avoid delays caused by having your documents returned or re-routed.

I am unable to download visa applications from your homepage although I am a registered customer and have entered my customer number!

The customer name / customer number must be entered exactly the way they were recorded by us; you can obtain this information from the first line of the address on a SERVISUM invoice. You can also find your customer number there; only enter the first 8 digits. If you have problems logging on, you can also obtain telephone support.

What documents must be submitted for my visa application?

Since the required documents vary between countries and differ according to the reason for travelling, please contact our service hotline 030/340 00 60. Please do not submit such requests by E-mail.

What processing period should I expect? Is express processing available?

The normal processing period for a visa application depends on the country and ranges from 24 hours to six weeks. Faster express processing is frequently available for an additional fee (graduated in some cases). To obtain information applicable to your particular case, please contact our service hotline at 030/340 00 60. If you include a desired delivery date with your order, we will automatically request the visa at the lowest fee available under consideration of this delivery date.