Legalizations of trading documents

Legalization of trading documents

The legalization of documents, such as certificates of origin or commercial invoices serves to authenticate the documents for examination by foreign authorities.

For this purpose, documents must be certified by a foreign representation of the country in question (embassy, consulate). Documents to be certified must be in original. In some cases, it may be necessary to obtain pre-certification by a state court, the Federal Administrative Office or, for legalization by an Arab representation, by Ghorfa (Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Our service

Servisum arranges for your trading documents to be legalized by the proper foreign representation. If necessary, we will first submit the documents with the Federal Administrative Office or Ghorfa on your behalf.

If you wish to know which foreign representation is responsible for the legalization of your documents or about the requirements to be considered in connection with pre-certification, please contact us via our SERVISUM Hotline. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of legalization, we can guarantee fast and reliable application.

You can also find useful information on legalization of trading documents on the websites of the respective embassies, as well as the Foreign Office.