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please inform yourself about the currently valid entry regulations (e.g. on the website of the Federal Foreign Office or the respective website of the country to be visited) before every planned trip.

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  • 12/12/2023: China:

    Temporary visa-free entry for stays of up to 15 days for tourists and business travellers.
  • 11/08/2023: China:

    for the time being, no personal appearance required for single or double entry visa applications
  • 02/08/2023: USA:

    ESTA application also not possible if you have been in Cuba after 1.3.2011.
  • 01/08/2023: Russia:

    E-Visa for all regions of Russia.
  • 05/05/2023: Cameroon:

    new application procedure
  • 28/04/2023: Russia:

    new fees at the visa application center
  • 20/03/2023: Jordan:

    only e-visa possible
  • 15/03/2023: China:

    Visa for tourists possible again
  • 27/12/2022: Mali:

    only personal application possible at the moment
  • 27/12/2022: Laos & Morocco:

    E-Visa application via SERVISUM possible.
  • 28/10/2022: Rwanda & Ethiopia:

    only application for evisa possible
  • 28/10/2022: Vietnam:

    new visa application form
  • 20/07/2022: Madagascar:

    e-visa application possible
  • 13/07/2022: China:

    no more PU invitations required for regular business visa
  • 29/06/2022: Guinea:

    From now on only e-Visa possible.
  • 02/05/2022: Philippines:

    now online visa application form required
  • 26/04/2022: Servisum:

    new fees from May
  • 26/04/2022: Vietnam:

    visa free entry for german citizen for up to 15 days possible again.
  • 20/04/2022: INDIA:

    in Berlin: Note the stricter demands on visa applications and documentation (listed on the India entry requirements page).
  • 11/04/2022: Russia:

    new visa fees for non EU citizen
  • 11/02/2022: Australia:

    A Travel Exemption is no longer required for vaccinated travellers on or after 02/21/22.
  • 01/02/2022: Thailand:

    Entry with Test & Go (no quarantine) possible again.
  • 22/12/2021: Thailand:

    THAI pass registration only for sandbox programs in Phuket or AQ (Alternative Quarantine) 
  • 17/11/2021: Malawi:

    Only e-visa applications possible (no more regular visas via the embassy)
  • 08/11/2021: USA:

    NIE permits are no longer required to enter the United States.
  • 28/10/2021: THAILAND:

    Changes to quarantine regulations (from 1.11.) and e-visas possible (from 22.11.)
  • 19/10/2021: India:

    Application of Tourist Visa possible again.
  • 03/09/2021: SOUTH KOREA:

    Visas are now only needed for mechanics/technicians, all others require an electronic entry permit (ETA)
  • 05/08/2021: Azerbaijan:

    Application of e-visa possible again!
  • 30/07/2021: SERVISUM:

    Office in Munich closed from August 2021. For inquiries please get in touch with SERVISUM Berlin.
  • 06/07/2021: USA:

    All NIE permits are now valid for one year and multiple entries from the date of issue (also for previously issued NIE).
  • 28/06/2021: Ethiopia:

    Regular visa application possible again. Travelling with e-visa/visa on arrival not possible.
  • 17/06/2021: Saudi Arabia:

    Appointments for visa applications at VFS in Frankfurt (new address) possible again.
  • 11/06/2021: Guinea:

    no visa issuance at the moment
  • 11/06/2021: Cameroon:

    visa issuance possible again
  • 04/06/2021: Thailand:

    Cosulate in Hamburg closed since 27. May 2021
  • 30/04/2021: Nepal:

    new online visa application form 
  • 12/04/2021: Democratic Republic of Congo:

    New Visa Application Forms
  • 07/04/2021: Russia:

    Visa application of all categories possible again.
  • 01/04/2021: INDIA:

    For the following categories it is possible to apply for an eVisa again: Business, Conference, Medical and Medical Attendant.
  • 23/03/2021: East Africa Visa:

    Since 2021 only to be applied for as e-visa if first entry via Kenya.
  • 05/03/2021: Thailand:

    Embassy closed until March 19th
  • 03/03/2021: South Korea:

    For business visa (C-4) purchase order/contract between german and south korean companies required.
  • 02/03/2021: USA:

    New/stricter guidelines when applying for an NIE permit.
  • 01/03/2021: Thailand:

    Legalisations are now only processed strictly according to jurisdiction. This can lead to delays in the processing time. Please contact us in advance if necessary.
  • 01/03/2021: SERVISUM:

    Please note that there is a public holiday in Berlin on March 8th. The Berlin office will be closed on this day, a processing of your requests (phone, mail) is not possible on this day. Our other offices are available for you.
  • 18/02/2021: India:

    Visa issuance under certain conditions possible again. Please go to overview page of India.
  • 09/02/2021: Saudi Arabia:

    Until further notice: Entry ban for persons travelling from Germany and other Countries (see note from MOFA)
  • 22/01/2021: South Korea:

    new visa application form
  • 21/01/2021: Belarus:

    new visa application form
  • 21/01/2021: Kenia:

    more documents required for business e-visa
  • 21/01/2021: Thailand:

    New visa application form in Berlin.
  • 17/12/2020: Russia:

    embassy closed in calendar week 1/2021
  • 09/12/2020: Thailand:

    Embassy in Berlin closed from Dec. 21 until further notice, no more submission of visa documents possible in 2020
  • 07/12/2020: Togo:

    hotel reservation for tourists, letter of invitation for business required from now on
  • 09/11/2020: Thailand:

    Tourist visa possible again.
  • 03/11/2020: China:

    since November 6th double negative test result required on entry

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