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  • 29/11/2019: eVisa:

    From now on you can apply for Saudi Arabia (only for tourists) and Pakistan eVisa through SERVISUM.
  • 20/11/2019: China:

    From 16.12.2019: Personal appearance at the Visa Application Center to provide fingerprints
  • 07/11/2019: Myanmar:

    Tourist Visa on Arrival for German and Swiss citizens since October 2019 (as one-year test phase)
  • 07/11/2019: Russia:

    in Frankfurt: letter of invitation must be in Russian
  • 01/11/2019: China:

    in Hamburg: list of all travelled non-european countries since 2014 required
  • 02/10/2019: Russia:

    eVisa now available for Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.
  • 20/09/2019: Singapore:

    new visa application form (obligatory as of Sept. 25)
  • 05/08/2019: Pakistan:

    Now possible, online application for visa on arrival.
  • 05/08/2019: Russia:

    Since July: eVisa for Kaliningrad region (for a stay up to 8 days)
  • 17/07/2019: Mali:

    new visa application forms and yellow fever vaccination certificate required
  • 01/07/2019: Thailand:

    new visa fees
  • 17/06/2019: Belarus:

    new visa application form (differs at pt. 41)
  • 07/06/2019: SERVISUM Newsletter:

    Register now for the new SERVISUM newsletter.
  • 09/04/2019: Tanzania:

    Only e-visa possible (no more regular visa through embassy).
  • 03/04/2019: China:

    New visa application form from 10.04.2019 (we will inform you as soon as we receive it).
  • 02/04/2019: Saudi Arabia:

    Due to technical reasons no appointments can be booked at VFS TasHeel at the moment.
  • 25/02/2019: Servisum Berlin:

    Due to the new holiday in Berlin on March 8th our Berlin office is closed on this day. Please note this when submitting your application.
  • 10/01/2019: UZBEKISTAN:

    From 15.01.2019: German citizen do not need a visa for a stay up to 30 days.
  • 20/08/2018: India:

    in Frankfurt: registration certificate (not older than 6 months) for all applicants required
  • 30/07/2018: Belarus:

    Extension of the visafree entry regulations from 5 to 30 days. (see visa application forms/entry requirements Belarus)
  • 27/07/2018: China:

    From 1.8. a data protection declaration must be accompanied to all chinese visa applications. You will find a form on the entry regulations page for China.
  • 18/06/2018: India:

    New e-visa fees.
  • 07/06/2018: Indonesia:

    The embassy in Berlin and the consulat in Hamburg are closed from June 11th to June 20th 2018.
  • 26/04/2018: Benin:

    Every applicant has to apply for an e-visa.
  • 24/04/2018: Saudi Arabia:

    Due to technical issues on VFS TasHeel's website, there may be a delay in scheduling an appointment for Saudi Arabia.
  • 18/04/2018: ALGERIEN:

    NEW in Berlin: all applicants must provide proof of their address (e.g. copy of ID card or current registration certificate)
  • 09/04/2018: Mauretania:

    The embassy in Berlin does not issue visa at the moment (visa on arrival).
  • 21/03/2018: Oman:

    Every applicant has to apply for an e-visa.

Embassies/consulates of these countries are closed the following days:






1.1. to 8.1.




The delivery and collection of your documents is not possible on this day(s). Please allow for a longer processing time than usual.