The business concept to provide visa and consular services was developed by Frank J. Königk in Hamburg during the mid-eighties.

As a member of the board of directors of the Lycée Francais de Hambourg, he had contacts to the Corps Consulaire in the Hanseatic city which, at the time, had the largest number of consulates in the world.

During the 1990s, he commuted weekly between Hamburg and Bonn, and there, too, he was well connected with the Corps Diplomatique (CD).

His first customers were large travel agency chains; well-known companies from various industries (mail-order companies, banks, publishers, automobile manufacturers, and others) as well as countless personal travellers followed quickly.

Television, radio, and print media reports about SERVISUM helped the company gain popularity even outside the travel industry (press releases).

The fact that SERVISUM offices were opened in the former capital Bonn (1990), today's capital Berlin (1994), the banking centre of Frankfurt with the intercontinental airport (2004) and Munich (2012 - 2021) underscores the cutting edge, leadership role of SERVISUM regarding the visa & consular services that was created by Frank J. Königk and is continuously being improved by him together with his management colleague Frank Bigot, who joined the company later on, and all of the employees.