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application assistance

To claim our fee-based application assistance, please download the following document based on our selection.

Fill in all questioned information and send it via email or upload-form.

The complete document is related to your account, it can be used for further orders.



Because you have selected our fee-based pre-check-service, you are able to send us 5 documents via upload-form that we can check for you.


Because you have selected our fee-based pre-check-service, please give us all details where and when we should pick up your documents.

Eine Abholung für den heutigen Tag ist nicht mehr möglich, bitte wählen Sie eine Abholzeit am nächsten Werktag. Sofern die Sendung bereits am nächsten Werktag bei uns eingehen soll, bitten wir Sie ggf. heute den Kurierversand an uns eigenmächtig zu organisieren.

Pick-up address

pick-up at the embassy

To use our fee-based pick-up service, we require the signed power of attorney and the removal order for your passport.

You can upload both here.


Please make sure that all personal dates and dates of journey match.

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