Visa application / entry requirements: Great Britain



all German States, independent of residence

Germans and many other citizens do not need a visa.

To find out if you need a visa, click here.

If a visa is required, a personal application (personal interview, fingerprints, etc.) must be submitted to an Application Center in Berlin, Dusseldorf or Munich.



We'll help you with you making an appointment for your standard visitor visa application (for tourists and business). Please find the order form in the black box on the right site.

After scheduling the appointment you will receive an email with a confirmation of the appointment and a checklist with a list of all documents necessary for the application. 

We strongly recommend submitting the following documents (all in English) at the date of the appointment:

  • a letter of from the German company with details of the traveller and the purpose of the trip (name, position in the company, planned travel dates, planned activity on site; sample)
  • letter of invitation from the company/organisation in Great Britain
  • Booking documents of hotel and flight (reservation)
  • current account statement (sufficient funds must be available to match the information in the application)
  • Copy of a rental agreement/land register entry (this should proof that the main residence is in Germany)

When submitting the documents (especially the letter of the german company and the letter of invitation), please make sure that the details on salary, financial support (planned expenses in GB), planned dates of stay in GB, etc. match the details you provided in your visa application!

If possible, we recommend applying for a visa in Düsseldorf.

Processing time:
standard: about 3 to 4 weeks  (from the date of the appointment)
priority: about 7 to 10 days (from the date of the appointment)

For visa with other categories (like work, study, volunteer, accompanying visa (spouse of an EU citizen), etc.) please contact

 You'll need the Adobe Reader to display PDF files. You can download the latest Version here.

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Appointment for UK visa

We'll help you to arrange an appointment for your visa application for a standard visitor visa (for tourists and business travelers) at a UK Visa Application Center in Berlin, Dusseldorf or Munich.

Please fill out the following form and send us all documents by email to zu.

  • Form GB2017 (it is attached to the form below)
  • scan of passport (first page with personal data)
  • copy of residence permit for Germany
  • for business:
    • letter of german company (sample)
    • letter of invitation

178,50 € (per applicant, incl. VAT)

The visa fee depends on the visa validity (see application form page 8/9)

Please save the PDF file on your computer before completing.

Application Form